Device online, but not registering data

  • Hi T-mobile NB-IOT community,

    I am currently testing a setup with a Arduino Leonardo and a Sodaq nb-iot shield.

    The connection to the T-mobile services is going fine and according to my device i have outputted data:


    But my registered device on the devreg site is still on 0. I have already doublechecked my IMEI, and have tried it with multiple NB-IOT simcards but no data is recieved. Could you guys give me a pointer of where i might have made a mistake?

    Kind greetings,


  • @smichael

    my problem was that the imei of the device was already registered by Sodaq. Called them and they removed the imei. After that the data usage incremented.


  • Thanks Jef,

    Gave them a call this morning. Ill give an update if this is fixed


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