How to connect to ATT ?

  • I would like to forward the data from my SODAQ NB-IOT shield to the AllThingsTalk cloud. Is there a manual available that describes how to do that? (I know SODAQ could do that for me, but I would like to be in control myself).

  • Solved.

    I implemented my own proxy that accepts the data from the T-Mobile CDP server, extracts the relevant data and forwards it to ATT using the appropriate credentials. Most relevant lessons learned are:

    • The CDP server sends a JSON structure with lots of (valuable) data, not just the raw data that the NB-IOT device sends to the cell.

    • ATT has a nice REST API that allows to send the raw data to a ATT device. The ABCL language can be used to convert the raw data back to individual sensor data. Essential is that credentials have to be included in the HTTP PUT message, in this case a bearer token.

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