Cat-NB2 Update

  • Hi,

    Are there any plans for full Cat-NB2 support in the near future (Europe)?



  • Deutsche Telekom IoT


    Not in the near future. We are currently investigation Rel. 14 (NB2) in our lab enivornment. However, most of the features can’t be implemented as they’re not yet supported by the vendors.

    Are you looking for a certain Rel. 14 feature?

    Cheers, Saher

  • Hi,

    We are also interested in the release 14 feature’s. The feature that we are looking for is where the device mobility gets enhanced by recovering a lost connection quicker.
    If I understood it right then this is done with these changes:

    • Allowing a device to attempting a reconnect in connected mode, instead of having to wait for the idle mode.
    • Including a security token in the RRC so that the MME can authenticate the device, and the device can authenticate the LTE base station faster.

    Is there a date known for this feature?



  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @Thomas-R Hi,
    This feature is currently not supported from the vendor and hence won’t be available this year. Unfortunately I have no exact date for now when it’ll be available.
    I’m keen to know more about customer prespective on Rel. 14. Could you please let me know more about your interest in this feature? is it relevant to a use case you are developing?

    Cheers, Saher

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