• RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.39 - Released 28.08.2022
    * [IC-5450] - Shows memberId instead of names in forum and “undefined” on web page
    * [IC-5451] - “Create account” button active even if password is not fulfilling the minimum requirements
    * [IC-5471] - Closed projects are shown longer than 60 days - corrected text

    * [IC-5412] - [Account activation] Add waiting time before “re-sending” the account activation email
    * [IC-5425, IC-5429, IC-5430] - [ORDER FLOW] Design & content changes, improved sequence of the screens
    * [IC-5439] - improved IMEI validation for device registration
    * [IC-5444] - preparation for upcoming feature of uplink message store
    * [IC-5452] - Replace bearer type logos (NB-IoT/LTE-M) in project and show the selected “data delivery” model instead
    * [IC-5454] - Implementation of FOTA upload GUI in our portal for paid plans
    * [IC-5472] - Send email verification when user changes email to new email

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  • RE: What are the roaming partners (PLMN ID & band) for IoT Easy Connect in Italy?

    Hi @Daan2021,
    the IoT creators overview is unfortunately NOT applicable for the T-Mobile NL Easy Connect SIM card.
    You can order a free “Starterkit” SIM on iotcreators.com to get connectivity in all the countries you found on our roaming page in the docs.

    I looked at the T-Mobile NL Easy Connect product spec and I think the correct one is this here, the LPWA version (low power wide area) TechnischeGegevens-LOW-POWER-IoT-EasyConnect.pdf
    I assume you ordered the LPWA SIM, because with the other you’ll only get 2G/3G/4G/LTE-M.
    There they write about NB-IoT roaming: “NB-IoT Niet beschikbaar NB-IoT internationale roaming wordt in deze 9 landen ondersteund: Nederland, Duitsland,
    Griekenland, Hongarije, Kroatië, Oostenrijk, Polen, Slowakije, Tsjechië. Nationale en internationale roaming voor NB-IoT is in ontwikkeling. Kijk regelmatig op onze website voor updates”

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  • RE: SARA-N310 roaming

    @Jeroen-van-Bussel of course you can work on automatic mode, the modem would scan through the whole PLMN list until it finds a network. This can take a while and I agree, it’s the only thing that makes sense for devices in non-static use cases.

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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.38 - Released 17.06.2022
    * [IC-5436] - Show device details - protocol is null
    * [IC-5443] - no usage data for “public internet” project with several devices

    * [IC-5415] - [Sign-Up] Design changes
    * [IC-5418] - [Sign-Up] Skip selecting a community name
    * [IC-5420] - [Sign-Up] Simplify marketing opt-in to one checkbox
    * [IC-5422] - [Account activation] Design changes
    * [IC-5423] - [Account activation] Activation Code
    * [IC-5424] - [Account activation] Help section
    * [IC-5431] - Display payload in plain text in device list

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  • Planned maintenance 5.7.2022, 10 am: minor release upgrade for IoT Creators platform

    **Maintenance window: 05.07.2022, 09:00 to 13:00 CEST
    There will be a short downtime of appr. 10 minutes at around 10 am.

    Service Interruption:
    The device communication will be interrupted during this downtime. We try to find a solution to avoid message loss for your devices but be prepared that you might lose some uplink packages during these 10 minutes.

    Please contact me/us in case you’ve got any questions.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.37 - Released 01.06.2022
    * [IC-5434] - Invoice Template - one Dutch translation missing
    * [IC-5442] - Cannot invite other project members to my project

    * [IC-5427] - [STARTERKIT ORDER - TAB 1] Tab Structure - rename the tab to “Data Delivery”
    * [IC-5428] - [STARTERKIT ORDER - TAB 1] Content & Design - change the graphics to make the difference between 2 project types clearer (*)

    (*) Explanation:
    Former “NB-IoT” project is renamed to “Via webhooks and off-the-internet (recommended)”
    Former “LTE-M” project is renamed to “Via the public internet (only for testing purposes)”
    The functionality and features didn’t change, just the name. Both projects work with all our SIM cards and with either NB-IoT or LTE-M. The difference is described in the chart and bullet points in the “Data Delivery” section of the order process. Read more in our docs

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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.34 - Released 09.05.2022
    * [IC-5348] - Missing achievements for “Hello World”
    * [IC-5388] - After creation of new project ALWAYS the “Devices” tab is missing in “Projects”
    * [IC-5390] - Phone number needs to be provided to logistics provider
    * [IC-5401] - flicker in UI in project details (chart with device numbers)
    * [IC-5433] - forum: duplicate usernames

    * [IC-4966] - As a user I want to download my invoice as PDF from the Invoice Tab in the Frontend
    * [IC-5408] - Add Slovenia to list of countries we ship to
    * [IC-5409] - Remove nuSIM from order flow

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  • We launched a Discord Server!!

    Discord IMAGINE A PLACE…
    …where you can belong to an IoT Creators community.
    Where you and all fellow creators can chat about the internet of things.
    A place that makes it easy to find likeminded people, share knowledge, get support and join events together.
    You can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/NuMT9T7Zr3

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  • Planned maintenance: migration of our APN "cdp.iot.t-mobile.nl" at May 10 and 17, 2022 - 4am

    Deutsche Telekom will upgrade their NB-IoT platform in order to proactively increase the capacity and make it more scalable and robust for the future. Doing this, we benefit from better feature set (like using NB-IoT and LTE-M traffic through the same VPN tunnel) as well as security hardening.
    The migration of our APN “cdp.iot.t-mobile.nl” to the new platform will be performed by the Deutsche Telekom Core Network team automatically. It does not require any activity from your side, so there is no need for new configuration of your IoT solution or anything alike.

    Maintenance window:
    May 10th, 2022 at 4:00 am CEST
    May 17th, 2022 at 4:00 am CEST

    Service Interruption:
    There will be a service interruption for approx. 45 minutes during the night. The devices will lose the PDP connection and need to create a new IP session at the end of the maintenance window. After the new platform starts operation, the devices will re-login to the network automatically and will get a new IP address.

    Experience from other customers:
    This maintenance work was already performed for the customers located in Germany. We didn’t receive incident reports related to this change. That’s why we’re optimistic that it will run smoothly for the IoT Creators APN as well.

    Please contact me/us in case you’ve got any questions or doubts and concerns.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and are optimistic that you’ll benefit in the future from that change.

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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.33 - Released 12.04.2022
    * [IC-5391] - UI cosmetic error project page
    * [IC-5395] - Impossible to change post code
    * [IC-5396] - Invoices for one contract not visible
    * [IC-5397] - [object Object] displayed in the UI after click on registration link in email

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