• RE: Batch import Excel/csv

    @Lauwie007 Can you please send your IMEIs to support@iotcreators.com? I like to analyse the problem in more depth and fix it.
    Many many thanks for your support!
    Regards, Roland

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  • RE: Batch import Excel/csv

    @lauwie007 sometimes the page needs a refresh after an device bulk registration of devices (csv batch import), I guess this can be caused by a slow internet connection.

    I’m going to check tomorrow if I can reproduce this error and if there’s something wrong.

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  • RE: No downlink messages received after closing and reopening connection.

    @Hans-Liefting: Can you please send me the IMEI of your device to support@iotcreators.com? I will check the logs to understand when uplink and downlink messages are received and when downlink messages are sent by the udp server.

    Regards, Roland

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  • RE: No downlink messages received after closing and reopening connection. posted in Network & Coverage
  • RE: No downlink messages received after closing and reopening connection.

    @Hans-Liefting Hi,
    I am not sure if I understood your process correctly …

    Process ?

    1. Device wakes up and connects to the network
    2. Device send uplink message
    3. Application receives the message and response with a downlink acknowledgment
    4. Device waits for 10 seconds
    5. Device closes the connection and shuts down.
    6. After one hour process is repeated at 1.

    Problem ?
    Downlink message isn’t received by the device reliable.

    If you send a non-eDRX downlink message our UDP broker queues the messages until it receives the next uplink message from the device. This means your application acknowledgement message requires an additional uplink messages to let UDP broker deliver the queued downlink message to your device.

    In case you send an eDRX downlink message you can try to extend the 10 secs wait to e.g. 30 secs and see what happens. As you know eDRX messages are not queued by the UDP broker. eDRX messages are immediately pushed to your device by the UDP broker. In case you device sleeps the downlink messages are queued by the mobile network. If you are using eDRX downlinks it could be possible that 10 secs not enough for the network to deliver the message and 1 hour of buffering is to long. Maybe this is reason why it works if you wakeup every 5 minutes.

    Regards, Roland

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  • RE: No downlink messages received after closing and reopening connection.

    @hans-liefting Hi Hans.

    Our device registers itself every hour at the network, after which it will send an uplink message.

    What protocol are you using? I would definitely not recommend to register every hour. Registering with the network is very costly energy consumption wise since many messages are exchanged. So unless your module has a very poor PSM mode the tradeoff is not worth it. Operators also generally don’t like it since it creates more load on the network.

    When the device sends the uplink message, our backend replies with a downlink message that is delayed by a maximum of 3 minutes.

    I am not entirely sure but I don’t think this will work since the downlink message has to be queued before you sent the uplink… but t-mobile will know the details on that.

    After the uplink message has been successfully sent, the modem waits for 10 seconds for a downlink message. Afterward, it closes the connection and shutdown the modem (we use the Telit modem ME310G1-WW).

    My guess is that when the modem deregisters itself from the network, the downlink message queue is cleared. But again t-mobile has to confirm this…

    Note that for energy reasons, our device does not go to PSM but actually shuts down.

    Can you please try again without shutting down but staying in PSM mode?

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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.19 - Released 26.8.2021
    * [IC-5267] - Log-Out Loop
    * [IC-5273] - Remove process labels (when registering/during login)
    * [IC-5277] - Fixing the Project Overview Menu Item
    * [IC-5276] - Fixing the address forms in the ordering process

    New Features
    * [IC-5137] - MQTT: As a user I want to register MQTT devices
    * [IC-5258] - MQTT: Popup window for editing MQTT settings
    * [IC-5227] - Orders: Integrate nuSIM hardware starterkit in ordering process
    * [IC-5268] - NodeBB: Users should be able to edit or delete their own forum posts

    * [IC-5272] - Portal: Replace SIMCARD navigation item in sidebar
    * [IC-5269] - Portal: Show device id in the text of 2 popup dialog windows
    * [IC-5199] - Portal: Add download button to Device-Upload-Error screen (modal)
    * [IC-5152] - Portal: Show number of registered users and registered devices on FE
    * [IC-5253] - Portal: Banner on project page for notifications
    * [IC-5254] - Invoice: Translate Invoicing Template for Hardware Orders to English

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  • RE: Cannot get API downlinkMsg to work

    @magnatron Did you already send me your account, the project and the imei of the device. I like to check the logs. You can send it to roland.baldin@telekom.de.

    Regards, Roland

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  • Cheat sheets for AT commands available now!

    If all the AT commands are way too hard to remember for you and if you struggle with finding quickly what you need to make your device talk, then we’ve got something for you: good old cheat sheets.
    Whatever the reason is that you read this forum post:

    • if you go mad about the fact that all modules - even from one vendor - use a different AT command set
    • if Google doesn’t help you as fast as you wish
    • if you want to outperform your fellow team members
    • if you loved secret cheating in school anyway and want to revive the feeling of (not) being cought
    • or if you simply want to save time

    🚀 make use of this section of our doclib: AT command cheat sheets and please let us know whether it is helpful 👍 for you or not 👎 .

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  • RE: Cannot get API downlinkMsg to work

    @magnatron your question tells me that we might put a little effort in providing AT command guides in a more human readable form. I personally find it hard as an IoT device newbie to read the vendor guides sometimes.
    First thing I can provide you with is the original vendor manual
    Secondly see here our own extract
    What is more helpful for you?
    And did you find what you need for reading the DL messages?

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