Can't find login details for device register platform

  • Hi,

    Currently I am working on getting a NB-IoT device to work. In the tutorial 'Home / Documentation & Manuals /Starterkit / PART II: Register device - using the device registration tool ’ there is this part:
    “step 1
    Login to our device register tool at with your username and password. This is not the same password which you have for the forum and your portal account. Use this link and click on 'details’to get your password.”

    However, even though I am logged in on the (link), I do not see a button ‘details’ there.

    Any thoughts on where I could find this?


  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hey @withthegrid! Cool to hear from you.

    That’s because you are one of the very early access users. 🙂 Before 2018 we didn’t have the IoT T-Mobile portal and Device Registration Tool yet. I will send you a direct message with the credentials.

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