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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.50 - Released 09.05.2023

    New Features

    • [IC-5417] Sign up & log-in with Google account
    • [IC-5544] Moving devices from one project to another
    • [IC-5662] Enable message history for virtual devices and LoRaWAN

    Improvements & Bug fixes

    • [IC-5663] Info that header/callback url change can take up to 15 mins.
    • [IC-5370] Visual differentiation between “normal” and “invited” projects
    • [IC-5545] Remove remark from public internet projects about message forwarding
    • [IC-5456] Simplify email preference in profile settings
    • [IC-5548, IC-5674] Improved 2FA authentification + error handling while setup
    • [IC-5672, IC-5558, IC-5559] Bugfixes for admin functionalities (searching, SIM card assigning, etc.)
    • [IC-5555, IC-5556] Improved SIM management functionality for TMA SIMs
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  • RE: Unable to register sim-card to project

    hi @Reinier-Hasper, could you please write to specifying the iccid of the sim card that you want to register and your iotcreators account email?

    Thank you!

    Best regards
    Marco Peli

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  • RE: Software Release Log

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.47 - Released 16.03.2023

    Hi all, we had some internal re-alignment in responsibilities, for this reason we missed some release notes. I hope you had all seen the cool new features offered. I will ask @Erik-Steinbring to post an update after this including all the changes between this release and the release in December.

    Here are the release notes for 1.0.47:

    *[IC-5445] Download message history as CSV (paid plans only)
    *[IC-4953] Change the „name“ property of a device
    *[IC-5512] Message/options for run-time of virtual devices

    Bugs & Admin functions
    *[IC-5536], [IC-5537], [IC-5542], [IC-5539], [IC-5534], [IC-5540] Admin Functionality
    *[IC-5547] CSV device registration
    *[IC-5557] Invalid credentials error message
    *[IC-5550], [IC-5546] Error messages should be always visible/on top
    *[IC-5549] Device details view of lorawan devices
    *[IC-5533], [IC-5553] “Unique email” error on registration page
    *[IC-5543], [IC-5551] Starterkit Flow

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  • RE: SIM7022

    hi @Tino0945 , could you please write to specifying the imei of the device, your sim card iccid and the device location?

    Thank you very much
    Best Regards
    Marco Peli

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  • RE: Announcements not at the forum, not in discord, what's the use?

    No new platform Maarten. I was just not fast enough with sending out the email about the completion of the network change.

    The short notice is something that shouldn’t happen again. The time window of these kind of changes is something that we’ve to look in.

    Thx for bearing with us!

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  • RE: free Starterkit - order form options. Public IP address.

    hi @Filip9679 !
    yes you will be able to change it later, you can always end your starterkit project and create another one with a different type, and if you have any issue doing that you can write me here and i will do it for you 😉
    I suggest you to chose the option “Via webhooks and off-the-internet”, so that you will be able to use iotcreators services later if you like.
    If you only plan to only connect to public ip addresses though, registration is not even mandatory, you cna just insert it in your device and start using it.
    You will have to setup the correct apn to work with public or iotcreators services.
    To connect to public ip addresses, use apn internet.gma.iot
    To connect to iotcreators services, use apn scs.telekom.tma.iot

    Sim card works in many different countries, you can see a list here:

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you,
    Best regards
    Marco Peli

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  • RE: LTE-M in Mexico

    @Marco0416 ,

    LTE-M Roaming in Mexico is also available for our GSIM (IMSI starting with 90140) with Roaming partner Radiomóvil Dipsa (PLMNID 334020).
    Table under will be updated shortly.
    KR, Ronan

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  • RE: NBIOT coverage Greece

    hi @Christos1080 , happy to have you on board!
    To answer your questions:
    3. Yes, you can use iotcreators sim cards under cosmote in greece (nb-iot only, lte-m not supported)
    4. yes absolutely. Also, if you want to use iotcreators services, the only way to access them is to use iotcreators sim cards
    5. I searched for your modem and it seems that supports nb-iot and lte-m, so itcreators sim cards should work

    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask! 😉

    Best Regards

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  • RE: LTE-M in Mexico

    Hi Marco,

    In case you are using a TMA SIM card (IMSI starting with 23 and ICCID starting with 894), you should be able to roam in Mexico using Iusacells LTE-M network.


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  • RE: SIM7020E MQTT connection error

    hi @Gayan8090 , to connect to servers outside iotcreators ones, please use apn “internet.gma.iot”.
    APN “scs.telekom.tma.iot” is only for accessing iotcreators sevices.

    Thank you very much,
    Best Regards
    Marco Peli

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