• RE: Bericht komt niet aan

    Hi! It does not matter which sim you use in your project. Even when you used the simcard in another project before.

    Your old simcard is still active 🙂

    CEREG 5 means that you are connected (too be more precite, it means ‘roaming’).

    What protocol did you select to register your IMEI in your project? Was it UDP or CoAP?

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  • RE: Device registratie werkt niet

    Hi Paul,

    I just wrote you back via DM. This is a DB issue and not the usual issue that device has been locked because of sending a message before being registered.

    We’re working on it! 🙂 Hopefully we will have a fix today

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  • RE: NBIoT Roaming

    As usual with these corporate press releases, this is just an annoucement indeed…🙄

    The availibility of NB-IoT roaming on Deutsche Telekom IoT simcards depends on a few things:

    • The formal process between Swisscom, Telia, Vodafone and DT needs to be completed
    • Local DT unit (T-Mobile Poland, Telekom Deutschland, T-Mobile Netherlands etc.) needs to ready to provide roaming simcards

    But the simcards that we provide at iot.t-mobile (soon to be iotcreators.com) already have the right profile to roam in 18 countries! 🙂 We’re currently testing it and we can use some help here.

    For now these countries are confirmed:
    Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark

    Currently we are testing in these countries:
    United Kingdom, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden

    Looking for testers in:
    Norway, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Greece, Hungary

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  • RE: Portal Does not forward messages

    Maybe an issue in our back-end. Can you pls add and remove a dummy IMEI in your project?


    This will maybe solve the problem (for now).

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  • RE: Cat-NB2 Update

    @Thomas-R Hi,
    This feature is currently not supported from the vendor and hence won’t be available this year. Unfortunately I have no exact date for now when it’ll be available.
    I’m keen to know more about customer prespective on Rel. 14. Could you please let me know more about your interest in this feature? is it relevant to a use case you are developing?

    Cheers, Saher

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