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  • RE: How to create a second application URL?

    Changing the url is not possible afaik. You can only overwrite the URL.

    You can set-up the first URL and overwrite the first URL by using the GUI and you can set-up the second URL and overwrite the second URL via the APO.

    I’m not sure if you check the value what has been set via the API before.

    I’ll ask @Roalnd-Baldin tomorrow

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  • RE: eDRX Support

    Activated yesterday and finetuning at the moment.

    Will update you next week again!

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  • LwM2M v1.2 is out!

    Awesome news ahead: LwM2M v1.2 specification is finally released! One of the headlining features of LwM2M v1.2 is LwM2M over MQTT! This is a good opportunity for LwM2M to get way more visibility, as MQTT (arguably the most popular IoT protocol) is currently missing any real data model.

    LwM2M 1.2 feature highlights: [1]

    • State-of-the-art energy-efficient security—Leveraging (D)TLS 1.3 and Connection ID enhances security while reducing the challenges and energy losses of connecting devices over LPWAs like NB-IoT.

    • MQTT as a transport protocol—MQTT users can now add LwM2M device management functionality. Inversely, using MQTT as a transport mechanism for LwM2M simplifies connecting to the cloud in some scenarios.

    • Single-step device commissioning—Now, bootstrapping a device requires just a single bi-directional session instead of the previous five exchanges, saving time, energy, and other resources.

    • Optimized data reporting—LwM2M data-format optimizations shave bytes from each message, increasing energy-efficiency, device lifespan, and return-on-investment (ROI).

    More details: [2]

    • New transports for LwM2M; this allows LwM2M messaging to be conveyed over MQTT and over HTTP.
    • Optimizations for the bootstrapping interface; this reduces the amount of data and the number of messages transmitted during the bootstrapping exchange.
    • Optimizations for the registration interface; this reduces the amount of data transmitted during registration exchanges.
    • Optimizations for the information reporting interface; observation attributes may now be included in an Observe operation.
    • Support for LwM2M gateway functionality; this allows non-LwM2M IoT devices as well as LwM2M devices behind a gateway to be connected to the LwM2M ecosystem and to manage those devices remotely.
    • New, highly optimized encoding format based on CBOR called LwM2M CBOR.
    • Enhanced functionality for firmware updates.
    • Definition of new notification attributes (edge, confirmable notification, and maximum historical queue). Edge allows notifications to be triggered on rising and falling edges. Confirmable notifications allow the control of reliable transmissions of notifications.
    • Maximum historical queue allows the control of time-series data usage. Clarifications of object versioning rules.
    • Updates to use the latest communication security protocols based on TLS and DTLS 1.3 (as well as the use of the Connection ID).
    • Flexibility to control the use of TLS and DTLS 1.3 through configuration information.
      Untangling the relationship of security credentials and their server configuration.


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  • How to create a second application URL?

    To add a seconde application URL you can perform the following …

    With the username and password from the projects API credentials

    Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-11-25 14-00-22.png

    Put the following HTTP request:


    Content-Type: application/json
    Authorization: Basic base64(<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>)
    Accept’: 'application/json

    ‘url’: ‘<YOUR APPLICATION URL>’,
    ‘headers’: { <YOUR HEADER FIELDS>}

    If everything works fine you should get returned from the API
    “msg”: “Success”,
    “code”: 1000

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  • How to get your Quectel BG-95 nuSIM dev-kit online?

    To be continued. Already needed a link to make a QR code for the flyer with instructions 🙂

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  • RE: How to get your nuSIM dev-kit online?

    @Sergey-Vladimirov said in How to get your nuSIM dev-kit online?:

    @afzal_m trust me Ive been pushing for it since I discovered that simcom had it last year 😉 but our choice of supplier for modules goes to Quectel so far.

    Then I have some great news. Currently you’re testing with a BC-95… but the BG-95 also supports nuSIM as of now. 😃

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  • RE: How to get your nuSIM dev-kit online?


    For non-ip we have to change some settings on your sim profile and CoAP is already possible. However, you’ll need to use the Neul Messaging flavour of CoAP which is supported by both our network and your Quectel BC-95.

    And yes, our Service Capability Server (or CDP) also supports buffering capabilities for bulk transfers. 😃

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  • RE: How to get your nuSIM dev-kit online?

    @Sergey-Vladimirov said in How to get your nuSIM dev-kit online?:

    now just hope you spread it onto the whole line of modules

    Yeah! Telit is coming soon with their nuSIM module. Others are working on it as well. But it will also help if you also push your module supplier a little bit. 😉

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  • Win SODAQ N3 boards while solving the world’s biggest challenges!

    Rise to the challenge and solve global problems concerning Covid-19, Environmental Sensing, or Habitat Destruction using the new SODAQ N3 board. It leverages the advantages of upcoming LTE Cat NB2 networks such as mobility enhancement, E-Cell ID, larger TB size, two HARQ processes, multi-carrier enhancement, single-tone and multi-tone uplink. The SFF board features an integrated Microcontroller (Microchip Atmel SAMD21), GPS (uBlox EVA 8M for GPS (Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou support) and sensors including LSM303AGR digital magnetometer and accelerometer.

    In collaboration with Sodaq and u-blox we are hosting a competition in which 3 participants can win 10 new SODAQ N3 boards to prove their concept to the world. In addition, the winners will receive 10 Deutsche Telekom SIM cards with one year connectivity. Any developer, for fun or for commercial purposes, can participate in the contest until December 4, 2020. More details:


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  • RE: How to get your nuSIM dev-kit online?

    Ah sorry! I had this problem as well the last Monday but I forgot to change the post. Will change it now.

    Thanks a lot @Sergey-Vladimirov!!

    So please tell me, how does it feel to connect a device to a mobile network without a physical sim-card? 😃

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