New starterkit and new document library!

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    New starterkit

    In the past thirteen months we have provided starterkit simcards to many of you. Along with the simcard(s) you probably also received access to our IoT-network. Directly from us or maybe with assistance from our friends at Sodaq or All Things Talk.

    Last week we said goodbye to our Early Access Program and our pre-commercial network. Yes, we are live now! But don’t worry, we still have a free starterkit and we’d love to provide you a new starterkit on our live network. With the new starterkit you will also enjoy the upcoming features of our network. 🙂 Oh and by the way, you can still use the simcards which you already have.

    How to check if you have the old starterkit or new starterkit?
    Log in at Don’t have an account yet? That also means that you don’t have the new starterkit. 🙂

    Once you are logged in, please go to Here you can check if you have starterkit. Empty page? Then you don’t have the new starterkit.


    If you have starterkit on this page, please check the startdate. If it’s from 25 april or later, then you already have the new starterkit!

    You can get the new starterkit here and send an e-mail to with your simcard numbers.

    Document Library
    Maybe you have already noticed that we removed the manuals from the forum. From now on you can find everything at Feel free to send us your feedback!

  • Hi guys, is there any way in which we can use our existing SIM cards on the new platform? Thanks!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT


    Yes, you can use your existing simcards on the production network!

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