SerialSARAPassthrough MKRNB library - cannot see AT commands in serial monitor

  • I am trying to type AT commands on the serial monitor of Arduino using a MKRNB1500 and the correct library MKRNB and I am using the standard program provided by the library called SerialSARAPassThrough.

    My MKRNB1500 has a chip ublox SARA-R410M and my serial monitor it is set to the option Both NL& CR and I also checked the baud rate.

    It is not my first time using Arduino IDE, I have been working with it for 2 years, but with this MKR I am having problems.
    Why I don’t see the AT-Commands?
    I am suppose to receive a message back “OK” when I type “AT” in the serial monitor.

  • @alessandro-mirabella Make sure you use the right COM port and the right GPIO for TX/RX. Also make sure you are actually sending something by testing with an FTDI adapter.

  • thank you for your advice. I just fixed right now the problem by reinstalling again the ArduinoIDE and it worked normally as before. Now I can see AT-Commands and I was able to send data to the T-Mobile network.

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