urgent: network time not available

  • I will post my support question here in the forum because the guest access on the Slack platform for early-adopters seems to be revoked and I have no other means of contacting an engineer for support.

    We are currently not receiving time from the network (3gpp time, not ntp time). The devices we have tested receive a timestamp from the network of 01/01/2000 00:00+8 (the +8 is 8 quarters of an hour and is correct). This interferes with our operations and results in strange reports to our back-office. We have a backup in place that sends the time in the UDP protocol we have created, but is less accurate than the network time.

    Please advise how to test and give more feedback so you can solve this issue. Also, since the slack channel closed: please inform what the best method is to contact your engineers for acute service issues.

    With kind regards,
    Joffrey - Munisense

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