What main use cases are supported with NB-IoT?

  • There are no “main use cases”, as NB-IoT supports a very wide range of diverse applications. Some examples:

    • Utilities (metering, e.g. heat, water, gas)
    • Smart City (e.g. street lighting, smart parking, smart waste mgmt)
    • Logistics (e.g. goods localization)
    • Consumer (e.g. home appliances)
    • Smart Building (e.g. alarm systems, access control, heating/AC controls)
    • Industry (e.g. equipment status & management, energy infrastructure monitoring)
    • Agriculture (e.g. soil/crop/livestock monitoring)

    NB-IoT primary supports use cases with low data rates, high latency, low frequency transfer, deeper indoor penetration, low power consumption and no voice/SMS, although some operators do support SMS.

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