Where is NB-IoT roaming available?

  • Last update: 22.02.2021

    NB-IoT roaming is available for the Global SIM of Deutsche Telekom.

    The LPWA tariff “Europe Zone 1” currently provides NB-IoT roaming across 17 countries. These include:

    • Deutsche Telekom’s networks in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Poland and Croatia
    • Swisscom’s network in: Switzerland and Liechtenstein
    • Vodafone’s networks in Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom
    • Telia’s networks in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway
    • Telenet’s network and Orange’s network in Belgium

    In European countries for which DT has no NB-IoT roaming agreements yet, multimode devices with the Global SIM can utilize 2G and 3G instead, and also LTE-M (currently in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Latvia).

    For a full list of our Mobile-IoT roaming partners including non-European partners, please go to our Roaming Network Information page.

    Our NB-IoT (and LTE-M) roaming footprint is being gradually extended with further countries, so stay tuned! 🙂

    By the way, there also a consolidation of all coverage maps of Deutsche Telekom countries.

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