Sodaq_nbIOT arduino library

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    The sodaq nb-iot libraries are a world première. In this topic I would like to share experiences and possible extensions to these libraries that are related to the TMNL network and SIM cards.
    alt text

    For questions please check the Sodaq forum first!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    My current experience is that the default minimal signal quality is higher than is required. I have set an other minimal signal quality to the lowest possible value in my sketch. The original value (-93) was likely based on LTE standards we expect additional 20 dB coverage extension for NB-IOT.

    nbiot.init(MODEM_STREAM, 7);

    This is not a minimum value in theory, just the lowest value the library allows. what the real value should be is another interesting topic. It would be a good idea to remove this check completely and rely on the UE to tell us whether there is signal to connect to (CSQ <> 99)

  • @ericbarten Hmm, this high quality check was probably the season my connection to NB failed so often (connect() function returned false) while it was connected indeed. And sending messages.

    Thanks for sharing!

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