Different JSON messages from the T-Mobile server

  • Since the network outage of last week I have been logging the raw messages as they are coming in. Most of the time time these messages are in the standard ‘reports’ format as described in the docs. But every once in a while I now also get a much more extended message that contains sections like ‘registrations’ and “location/0/longitude”. And the actual data is also in there, but now as “uplinkMsg/0/data” in the section “deviceprops”. Does anyone has a clue what these messages are, and where they come from ?

    Example of long message:

    { "reports": [], "registrations": [ { "deviceType": "device", "serialNumber": "IMEI:354347096127078", "timestamp": 1584082892010, "make": "Generic", "model": "Sensor", "groupName": "TMNL.PROFESSIONAL.CON_0000001419", "imsi": "N/A", "protocol": "N/A", "tags": "N/A", "subscriptionId": "98d1f525-0f34-45cc-80a1-f7617206f064", "deviceProps": { "device/0/imsi": "IMSI:901405700003916", "device/0/model": "Sensor", "uplinkMsg/0/data": "c19906000049c5650400fafd25750008000300000050000000c8000a16052e009f9e02008e8cffff827fe9ff7573ebff6a68c800f8fed9feccfee4fe2fffc800f8feebfedafefffe27ffc80016fffafe08fff9fe20ffc8001afff0fef7fefffe3dffc800", "device/0/manufacturer": "Generic", "connectivity/0/port": "49153", "connectivity/0/mncmcc": "", "location/0/longitude": "", "device/0/endPointClientName": "IMEI:354347096127078", "connectivity/0/cellid": "", "connectivity/0/ip": "", "location/0/radius": "", "connectivity/0/rat": "", "location/0/latitude": "", "connectivity/0/apn": "" } } ], "deregistrations": [], "updates": [], "expirations": [], "responses": [] }

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @cees-meijer this messagetype is an registration message. This event occurs when the device is seen for the first time after a certain period this depends on several factors for instance after the device is switched-on and transmits its first message from a new IP address. It allows you to capture the payload of the first message ever sent to the udp adapter, otherwise this event would be lost.
    We plan to added some more information in the future to this message as can be seen from the empty data elements.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I see this can be useful. The only thing that worries me now is that I get these messages a few times per day from stations that are sending data every 15 minutes. So I wonder what could cause this then.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @cees-meijer if you would like us to review the behavior you can contact me in a DM. There might be optimisations possible.

  • @eric-barten That would be nice. But what channel to use for this PM then ?