Max message length

  • It seems that there is a maximum message length. From device to CDP 1024 bytes and from CDP to device 512 bytes. I get a:
    “requestId”: “21823204-ee2e-4b8f-a787-f9577fe7dcb1”,
    “msg”: “Accepted”,
    “code”: 1002
    even when I send more than 512 bytes.

    • Is there indeed a restricted message length?
    • Is it possible to remove this contraint? Possibly in a payed option?
    • I would love 65,535 bytes message length, but would expect at least 1,460 byes (one UDP packet)

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    Does this topic answer your questions?

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  • @Noah-Marx said in Max message length:

    Thnx Noah, but no. My experience is that messages can not exceed 512 bytes from CDP to device and 1024 bytes from device to CDP. I would like this constrained by relieved, at least to one UDP frame of 1460 bytes, but even larger if possible. In the message you refer to I read that larger messages should be split up, but since with a CDP communication is message based and not frame based, you have to sort and glue those messages to one yourself on both sides. That is a waste since TCP/IP was designed to do this for us! So next best to an ordinary TCP/IP connection directly to the backend server (or any other IP address) would be a larger message IMHO.

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