NB-IoT Roaming available in 18 European countries

  • Mobile IoT roaming goes live across Europe

    Dear IoT Community,

    Deutsche Telekom (DT) has issued a press release regarding the significant expansion of our NB-IoT Roaming capability. Complete press release you can find here:
    Mobile IoT roaming goes live across Europe

    Thanks to new Roaming agreements signed with Swisscom, Telia and Vodafone, DT has now got the largest NB-IoT Roaming footprint across Europe, also covering the following markets:

    • Swisscom: Switzerland, Liechtenstein

    • Vodafone: Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK

    • Telia: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark

    Our Connectivity Portfolio (“Smart Connect” and “Comfort Connect”) will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect the new roaming capabilities.

    The announcement is already being relayed on the web, see for instance on MobileWorldLive.

    Kind regards,
    Your IoT Community Team