RAK WisBlock testers wanted

  • Hey all,
    Hope everyone is doing OK.
    I’m Jose Marcelino, now working at RAK Wireless. My work is around WisBlock, a new product fully modular way to develop nodes - it’s a bit like those plastic blocks Iwe’ve all played with and shouldn’t mention by name 🙂

    We have a cellular option now (using the newest Quectel BG77) which I’d be testing right now in T-Mobile network but due to virus situation I’m stuck in the UK.

    Can I kindly ask if someone would be willing to test it for us in return for a free kit?

    For the microcontroller part we’ll supply our Nordic nRF52840 module which includes LoRa as well.

    Thank you very much! 🙂


  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Very cool! But we should have roaming in UK…
    Wouldn’t you rather test it yourself?

  • Hey @afzal_m thanks!
    Sadly the closest city with reliable NB-IoT here is Glasgow, 250km away from me (and that’s only Vodafone, not sure you roam with them)

    UK is so late with NB-IoT that small scale network pilots still makes the news to this day! 😓 https://enterpriseiotinsights.com/20200715/channels/news/bt-switches-on-nb-iot-in-uk-to-underpin-largest-smart-water-pilot

    Also as you know there’s a bunch of technical differences between networks. Unlike my previous experience at the Python-esque company I want to support our users with accurate instructions from day 1 if possible.

    Hope this is OK - if you live in one of the “native” DT/T-Mobile coverage areas and willing to work a little bit with us and accept things may not work out of the box please ping me. You’ll not only get the kit but also my personal gratitude 🙂

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    hmm no volunteers

    So just send it to us. Will send you the address in a dm

  • @afzal_m thanks that would be great!

  • @JOSE-MARCELINO-RAK said in RAK WisBlock testers wanted:

    RAK Wireless

    Cool Project. I would like to thest the device in Germany.

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