BC 95 G Reboot problem

  • Hi everyone, I am working on a Low Power NB IoT project and I am using BC 95-G NB IoT module. My project was working fine however today there was an error after I send the command AT+CFUN=1. After this command has been sent to the module, the module tries to reset itself in a strange way but it does not completely reset, it keeps going with the other commands. Because it doesnt give 1 to CFUN command it cant attach the network and ervery other command gives error due to this problem. Attached there are my screenshots.

    At first, the module reboots which is normal(At+NRB) and then it gives OK to the first commands however after the CFUN command as you see it tries to reboot for a short period time and then gives reset security pin problem. After this, things get worse and it doesnt do anything but giving empty error messages. The problem is sim card? or what do you guys think the problem is? Could it be the hardware problem on my PCB, but it was working without any problem just a day ago.I’d be glad if you help. thank you. reboot_problem.png

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    That’s odd. This is the first time that I hear about this problem.

    CFUN=1 means switchting on the radio module.

    Maybe a capacity or power issue on the device?

  • @afzal_m Hello there, thank you for your answer, the problem has been solved. It was a funny problem though 🙂 The multimeter’s scale was arranged for micro amperes so when it was trying to switch to radio module, the current of the module was not enough on the multimeter so it forced a reset by creating an impedance. When I switched the scaling parameter to milli amperes, the problem is fixed. To sum up there was not a problem just a scaling problem of the measurement tool. Thank you again.

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