NB-IoT network and DNS

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to do a DNS query using the NB-IoT sim card (starter kit)?
    All my DNS queries fail, however the module I’m using works fine when calling the UDP server using the static IP address.

  • @Artur-S I don’t think so. And since your device can’t access open internet anyway it doesn’t make much sense to do it. Interested to hear why you need DNS 🤔

  • Ok that makes sense, so the starter kit is limited only to the internal T-Mobile network? I didn’t know it’s not capable of accessing the global internet.

    My point was to have the NB-IoT device sending data directly to my API endpoint, without proxying data through the platform API and then forwarding to my final endpoint.

  • @Artur-S As far as I am aware all NB-IoT connections are limited to the internal network only. The only reachable endpoint is the CDP so reaching your API endpoint directly is not possible. Maybe that LTE-M does offer this option. Someone from T-Mobile can comment on this 🙂

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    Hi @Artur-S ,

    @Stefan-de-Lange is correct public DNS is not reachable from the IoT creators sim cards. I didn’t see and DNS option available in NB-IOT only capable modems I must say. Indeed LTE-M gives access to public DNS and internet. You could try one of the prepaid cards some of the T-Mobile operators are offering for IoT.