Win SODAQ N3 boards while solving the world’s biggest challenges!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Rise to the challenge and solve global problems concerning Covid-19, Environmental Sensing, or Habitat Destruction using the new SODAQ N3 board. It leverages the advantages of upcoming LTE Cat NB2 networks such as mobility enhancement, E-Cell ID, larger TB size, two HARQ processes, multi-carrier enhancement, single-tone and multi-tone uplink. The SFF board features an integrated Microcontroller (Microchip Atmel SAMD21), GPS (uBlox EVA 8M for GPS (Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou support) and sensors including LSM303AGR digital magnetometer and accelerometer.

    In collaboration with Sodaq and u-blox we are hosting a competition in which 3 participants can win 10 new SODAQ N3 boards to prove their concept to the world. In addition, the winners will receive 10 Deutsche Telekom SIM cards with one year connectivity. Any developer, for fun or for commercial purposes, can participate in the contest until December 4, 2020. More details:


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