eDRX Support for LTE-M

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    I saw in the topic above that eDRX introduction is planned to January 2021 - Is it still correct?
    Also, what will be the coverage of it? Will it include only Germany at first, or additional countries in Europe?


  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Activated yesterday and finetuning at the moment.

    Will update you next week again!

  • Forgot to mention - will it be supported for LTE Cat M1?

  • Dear afzal,
    how can I get coverage map for the CAT M1 in Germany and Czech republic,
    and specifically for the EDRX and PSM?

    You mentioned that EDRX is activated, that’s great! it would be very helpful to understand the coverage, I mean, is it all over? is it for specific towers?

    Thank You.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    eDRX is being deployed as we speak across our German NB-IoT network, and will be enabled in TMNL shortly thereafter.
    We will inform you as soon as it is commercially available there!
    Note that eDRX for NB-IoT is already live nationwide in our Magenta network in Austria.

    eDRX however is not yet available in our LTE-M networks, but we plan to deploy this feature across our LTE-M footprint (currently Germany, Netherlands and Austria) beginning of next year.

    The LTE-M coverage map for Germany is available under: https://t-map-ta.telekom.de/tmap2/mobileiot/.
    LTE-M unfortunately isn’t available in the T-Mobile Czech Republic network yet.

  • @Ronan-Lacroix thank you for the quick reply.
    A few follow up questions -

    1. It is just that I am a bit surprised - are you saying that LTE-M is not supported at all in Chechia…?
    2. what about PSM mode? is that supported? In Germany CAT M1 and in general?
    3. Are there specific maps for these two modes coverage?
    4. What is the roadmap for the rest of European countries for the LTE CAT M1?
      Thanks in advance…

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @inka-O , for detailed information about our LTE-M network footprint and the supported features, please check our documentation library: https://docs.iotcreators.com/docs/introduction-to-lte-m.
    You should find an answer to all your questions above! 😉

    All features (e.g. PSM, LP-TAU, eDRX) when deployed are available nationwide.

  • @Ronan-Lacroix, thanks again for your quick replies!
    Reviewed the information that you’ve provided, it sheds some light on the topic!

    Though, there are still a few things that the article doesn’t elaborate on:

    1. When exactly and where exactly EDRX for CAT-M is planned to be deployed in Germany and in the rest of Europe?
    2. Is EDRX supported by 2G networks in Germany, Czech Republic and in the rest of Europe ?
    3. Is PSM supported by 4G CAT-M and in 2G networks in Germany, Czech Republic and across the rest of Europe?

    I’d really appreciate your help in locating answers or maybe in referring me to a POC that could help with this information.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT


    1. As stated above, we will implement eDRX for LTE-M beginning of next year, but we cannot tell you exactly when right now (our current target is Q1 2021). As far as we know, most of the other European LTE-M operators haven’t yet enabled eDRX neither, but also plan to deploy it next year.
    2. eDRX does not exist in 2G, only in LTE, and deployed primarily (if not exclusively) in its Low-Power Wide-Area categories (i.e. LTE-M and NB-IoT).
    3. PSM is supported in all of DT’s LTE-M networks as well as in all of our roaming partner networks. Like eDRX, PSM has only been standardized in LTE networks and is not available for 2G.

    Best regards,


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