StarterKit and french SFR NB-IOT Sim

  • Hello.
    I am new on the forum.

    I want to develop a device connected on NB-IOT network with a french SFR NB-IOT SIM.
    May I use starterkit with this type of SIM card or I need a Deutsche Telekom SIM card?

    I use a BG95M3 mini-PCIe board and the Mini-PCIe evaluation board.

    After init I get an IP address but I can’t ping the IoT Creators UDP server at the address :

    I get an error : +QPING: 561

    Best regard.

    Claude RICHARD.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi @Claude-RICHARD

    Welcome, happy to have you here :-).

    Unfortunately you can only use our UDP server with simcards from Deutsche Telekom.

    We can send you one, but there is another problem: we do not have NB-IoT roaming in France (yet)… 😞

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