Unable to connect to network after roaming (NL --> BE --> NL)

  • I traveled from the Netherlands to Belgium with my roaming activated SIM and NB-IoT device.
    This went well and I was able to collect data for the full time I was in Belgium.
    The network connection was established in NL a few days before crossing the border and was still active while roaming to Belgium.

    When I returned to the Netherlands, the device was unable to connect to the network (GPS device; last location update was just over the border). The device has hardcoded credentials for connecting. Rebooting the device and modem did not have any impact (tried on day 1). It was accepted by the network again (still in NL) on its own after around 2-3 days.

    Is there any way my device’s SIM could have receive a temporary block from the network?
    Am also curious if there are general situations where a SIM can be temporarily blocked by the network.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi @MeneerJacco
    please send me your ICCID or IMSI in a private message via the forum chat tool and I’m going to look at your tariff.