Reading IMSI using the API

  • I was wondering if the IMSI number can be read using the API, as it is visible in the portal.
    Or do I need to read it myself on the device and send it in the payload?

  • Hi,

    currently it is not possible to query the IMSI of a device via the API.

    the IMSI is delivered along with the lifecycle event when the device registeres it self.
    In this case you get forwarded to your configured application url a payload like this.

      "reports": [
          "serialNumber": "IMEI:123456789012345",
          "timestamp": 1623278710492,
          "subscriptionId": "63b07b01-4c14-4bba-8bc4-f3a89b3c94ff",
          "resourcePath": "uplinkMsg/0/data",
          "value": "500a060800101a181",
          "customAttributes": {}
      "registrations": [
          "deviceType": "device",
          "serialNumber": "IMEI:123456789012345",
          "timestamp": 1623278710457,
          "make": "Generic",
          "model": "Sensor",
          "groupName": "TMNL.PROFESSIONAL.CON_0000001204",
          "imsi": "N/A",
          "protocol": "HTTP",
          "tags": "N/A",
          "subscriptionId": "cc48f3fa-7147-4b6d-9fe7-fe5b108e50dc",
          "deviceProps": {
            "device/0/imsi": "IMSI:123456789012346",
            "device/0/model": "Sensor",
            "uplinkMsg/0/data": "500a060800101a181",
            "device/0/manufacturer": "Generic",
            "connectivity/0/port": "62509",
            "connectivity/0/mncmcc": "",
            "location/0/longitude": "",
            "connectivity/0/cellid": "",
            "connectivity/0/ip": "",
            "location/0/radius": "",
            "connectivity/0/rat": "",
            "location/0/latitude": "",
            "connectivity/0/apn": ""
          "customAttributes": {}
      "deregistrations": [],
      "updates": [],
      "expirations": [],
      "responses": []

    You can see the IMEI in the IoT Creators portal because we did some implementation regarding this 🙂

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Regards, Roland

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