NB-IOT gps Postman issue

  • Hi all.
    I don’t manage to see gps data within Postman interface by the ‘nbIOT_gps’ sample. Is it about the format code?
    However, I am able to see it into my serial console.
    That’s what I got on my Postman interface.0_1507012203717_Gps.jpg

  • Now, using the Sodaq_Nb-iot_All_sensor sketch from Sodaq library, I got the following data into the Postman interface ( serial console got proper upcoming data).


    If I decode that data from Base64, the result doesn’t make any sense.

    Thank you

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi @tonibco in the sketch you mentioned you can find the definition of HEX bytes that you have sent. These HEX values corespond to the base64 decoded HEX values.

    • device decoding:

    “sense”: [
    “asset”: “my_temperature”,
    “value”: {
    “byte”: 0,
    “bytelength”: 2,
    “type”: “integer”,
    “calculation”: “val / 100”

    So the first HEX number is the temperature * 100

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