• Today I (finally) received my PyCom FiPy device. Anyone already experience with that device on the T-Mobile NB-IoT network?

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  • @felixdonkers I also bought the product but the firmware for the NB-IoT is missing as BoRRoZ mentioned.
    It would be interesting if Pycom (mostly Dutch company) could hookup with the T-Mobile team and this group to assist in first testing. With Pycom and Sodaq you cover both the Arduino and (micro)Python community.

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    Some other cut&pastes from the Pycom forum

    jmarcelino 17 dagen geleden @mhibbett
    We’re starting NB-IoT tests with carriers in one week (mid January) and will keep everyone posted.
    It is a priority and we hope to deliver a working version in February with one large carrier in Europe, but not all geographies will be supported initially as NB-IoT differs in implementations.
    If you could let me know your country/carrier of interest it would be helpful.

    jmarcelino 13 dagen geleden @LS
    @ls We are supporting Vodafone across Europe, however Vodafone Spain is a using Huawei which - as much as we’d like to - we won’t be able to support with the first firmware releases.

    pmb_nl 3 dagen geleden @jmarcelino
    @jmarcelino Can you also answer the same question for The Netherlands? I bought the board to testdrive both NB-IoT and LTE-M. T-Mobile was the first that has NB-IoT running so I would like to use the FiPy with their network. They also have a nice technical group & community that possible is willing to assist with the test of using the FiPy.

  • Hi @pmb_nl,

    We’d love to support T-Mobile NL but we don’t control the firmware on the LTE modem (that’s on Sequans) and that is still not compatible with T-Mobile NL infrastructure (Huawei)

    I did test the first NB-IoT modem firmware release on Vodafone NL (Ericsson, Band 20) last week and it worked very well so that’s encouraging. Sequans will offer Huawei compatible firmware next, timeline for release is still Q1.

    Obviously when we have it we’ll test it with T-Mobile NL right away. Thanks for the wait I think you’ll like it when we’re finished - should very easy to use (no complicated AT commands in sight)

  • @jmarcelino Thanks for the fast response!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Wow! The PyCom modules are very popular. Came across many ppl in our Early Access Program who are asking about our support regarding the PyCom

    Anyway, today I spoke to some people about the t-mobile nb-iot and pycom compatibility. I was not sure whether the compatibility needs to be fixed on radio layer or application layer. Just talked to my colleague @Richard-Marijs and he told me that it is on radio-level.

    @jmarcelino good to have you here on our forum! 🙂 Do you like to join or next Installfest? Maybe you can tell something about the pycom module and the upcoming firmware release!

  • @jmarcelino

    Hi José nice to see you here ! (hope we meet Thursday )

    r o b

  • Our team at Pycom is finally preparing to release a NB-IoT firmware including Huawei eNB compatibility (necessary for T-Mobile NL) around the end of this month.

    @afzal_m We’ll only be able to support UDP passthrough initially, not CDP. Is this supported by T-Mobile already? I saw some posts saying it was planned. I’d appreciate if you can share anything around it.


  • Deutsche Telekom IoT


    That’s great news. Support for UDP passtrough is scheduled on our roadmap (apologies, only in Dutch). We aim to support UDP passtrough before the summer. However, if you are ready around the end of this month, we can test it on our PoC environment.

    Please keep us posted! 🙂

  • @jmarcelino do you have an exact date on when this will be released? I just received the FiPy module, tried to use with a T-mobile NB-IoT sim card but no luck so far… it’s a bit disappointing that hardware wise is supported but there is no software support yet.

  • Is there any update on this?

  • Hi @juan-carbonell,

    Pycom as released the first NB-IoT firmware:

    unfortunately support for Huawei based networks such as T-Mobile isn’t working yet. Also we need UDP passthrough support from the network (coming before Summer as Afzal said) because we only support IP operation.

    We’re only limited by what Sequans - the modem chipset manufacturer - can offer us so once they supply a working firmware for Huawei and either Sequans supports CDP or T-Mobile supports UDP Passthrough mode we’ll be able to support this amazing network.

    I have to say I feel bad because of all the NB-IoT networks I have tested T-Mobile NL has been the best so far - great service uptime, coverage even during trial phase and of course great support team. I really wish Pycom could support it sooner.

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