NB-IOT services on subscription base?

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    For a project I’m considering the use of NB-IOT. The idea is to provide customers with a device that is connected to our back-end system and that customers pay a monthly subcription fee to use our service. What I noticed is that, in order to use the NB-IOT network, the device has to contain a simcard. I don’t want my customers to deal with buying and managing the simcard subscription part as I want my company to handle that.

    So as a user I want to buy the device and pay a monthly fee to the company rather than managing the NB-IOT subscription myself. Does T-Mobile support any of that?

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  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Reinier,

    NB-IoT is, for now, only available through the plastic sims or MFF2 sims.

    Can you send me your phone no. in a PM for a quick chat?

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