Signal lost after restart

  • After a nice successfull period of testing my NB-IoT Bee module lost signal.
    After a restart off the computer the AT+CSQ command returns 99,99
    It’s been day’s now without any clue about the rrason why.
    Has anyone a possible answer?

    thank you for any help.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi @ahdv this is strange are you sure your device is in autoconnect mode? Otherwise you will need to re-issue the connect AT command like AT+COPS. Normally 99 indicates that the modem is switched off.

  • The problem here is that i had a working system, no problems at all. Went to the location were it should be installed, to try if it worked. Again no problem.
    Came home, switched it one and have had no connection since.
    I am using a sim card i got last year. Now i ordered a new one to see if that’s the problem.

    Meanwhile i tried reboot, did the whole startup procedure from the doc’s again. Nothing helped.

    I am using the NB-IOT Bee version from Dragino.

  • I got a new sim and this solved the problem.
    It’s working again.
    Is there a time limit on the sim’s?

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