Cannot get Universal Tracker Program on SARA R410M Rev 2 to connect to NB-IoT UDP registered IMEI

  • I have a SARA R410M Rev 2 with latest version of Firmware installed. I have a SIMcard supplied for NB-IoT by T-Mobile. In the portal I have registered the IMEI of the SARA board with UDP. Checking via postmaster the IMEI is considered existing and used. The Univeral tracker code is configured with all parameters for NB-IoT from T-Mobile. It gets to the point that it wants to do a network attach. (The step before gave after many 99,99 the value 16,99) This continually fails and times out. Has anyone a suggestion what settings I need to adjust ?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi @Alfons-Geurts this is a strange problem not sure how I can assist you. Are you able to test with a second device? Or with a second SIM card?

  • Hi Eric,

    I got some help van Jan van Loenen from SODAQ. It turns out that the Universal Tracker Software in its R4 part uses an inhibiting UBANDMASK. Now the communication gets going. The UBANDMASK was 524288, only the Vodafone band. Setting the value to 524416 takes care that band 8 is also accepted.

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