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  • Is there a coverage map available for the NB/IoT network?

    Yesterday a collegae travelled alk the way to Babberich (near Zevenaar and Lobith on the German border) just to discover that there was no coverage. Would be nice to know this in advance.

    Also, Babberich being so close to Germany, could it be that T-Mobile DE offers NB service there? And if so, is there roaming or do we need new SIMs?

  • I have found the coverage map.
    And Babberich was on it with normal in house coverage reported.
    So why could not a single of 4 devices (Sodaq Sara 211) connect. Was there a network outage?

  • Afzal once promissed to wash your car if you found a black spot in the NBIOT coverage. Wondering whether the offer still counts…

  • @gijs-mos Try AT+CSQ to check if you have a signal. It should report something other than 99

  • @felixdonkers He doesn’t work for T-Mobile anymore. One wonders if there is causality in play 😉

  • @stefan-de-lange Thanks Stefan. Unfortunately this wasn’t built into the application. And it happened in just about the east-most part of the country and we are based in the west. So just trying will cost me hald a day. Perhaps I will put it into the application and log it into flash. But that won’t help us now.

    Was hoping for one of the T-mobile guys (@Eric-Barten12 @Eric-Barten) to peek into the network log files to check if something was down in the Babberich area on June 3rd around noon. We had the issue on 4 separate devices and they worked again back home. According to the map I found just after posting we should have normal in house coverage, which should be quite ok.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @gijs-mos could you check if this was a temporary issue or is it difficult to test this.
    I will investigate this report. In nthe announecement made to day you will see that roaming on the German network could be expected on the eastern border It includes another coverage map.

    And @felixdonkers the car wash promise is still standing I have @Afzal-Mangal his phone number still 🙂

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