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    The documentation specifies how additional platforms can be registered, but how can we configure routing from the devices to select platforms? E.g. data from device A to platform A, data from device B to platform B.

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  • @ronald-bolijn there are 2 options

    1. Create an application server that forwards the POST requests to other application servers based on IMEI and/or data.

    2. Create a second project in the T-Mobile portal and register a new application server callback url. And move the devices from your existing project to the new project.

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    Hi @Ronald-Bolijn and @Bob-Mooij ,

    The options presented by @Bob-Mooij are correct in the documentation however a third option is available.

    Where we describe multiple applications in the documentation, you can register an application per authorization / user account of a project. You have access to two of such users per project; one is invisible and used by the portal and the second is the user that is provided by with the API credentials in your project.

    Per user you can manage the serialnumbers of the subscriptions as described here.

    This option is more applicable when you want to sent data from the same devices to different applications.
    Where one application could be subscribing to the lifecycle events and another application subscribes to the payload resources

    So concluding advice
    The preferred way for grouping devices to applications is trough creation of separate projects.
    But if you need data from the same device distributed to more applications this can be done using this approach.

  • @Eric-Barten @Bob-Mooij On behalf of Ronald, thanks for your answers. This also makes the purpose of multiple applications as described in the documentation clearer. It would be nice if “missing” information like this could be added to the portal as hints (that the application registered through the GUI is linked to user no. 1 and the application registered through the API is linked to user no. 2).

    For our needs we will set up multiple projects, how should this be done? Currently I have one project visible and I can only choose to end it.

  • @eric-barten One more thing. You wrote “Per user you can manage the serialnumbers of the subscriptions as described here.”, how do I select which user I am editing subscriptions for? I only have one API username to perform API calls with. Or is it such that the web GUI user does not have editable subscriptions and is automatically subscribed to all devices?

    PS. Please look at my previous followup as well, on how to add additional projects.

  • @bart-abel you can create an other project by ordering a “plan” in the portal.

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    @bart-abel indeed the UI user subscribes autmatically to all serialnumbers

  • @eric-barten Ok, clear, thanks!

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