Support of Fipy board (Sequans chipset)

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    I am currently trying to connect a fipy board (from Pycom, Sequans chipset) to your network but it does not work. could you confirm me if this device are already supported by Telekom´s Network?

    I also understand Sequans NB01Q ( Monarch chipset) will be also under testing until 4Q18 for NB1, could you confirm?


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  • Deutsche Telekom is currently testing for NB-IoT the Sequans NB01-Q reference module from Sequans. The plan is complete activities within the coming 4-5 weeks. Once all protocol stack issues are fixed, we will work with OEMs, such as Pycom to ensure that the certified protocol stack release from Sequans is integrated into their products.

    Pycom’s G01, gpy and fipy modules will thereafter be tested and certified. We will then be able to provide you with documentation and support on these certified products.

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  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Deutsche Telekom has certified the LTE-M GM01Q platform from Sequans, and there are no plans currently to certify the NB01Q (NB-IoT variant of the same platform). This affects all modules based off of that platform, including the pycom G01, gpy and fipy modules.