Does Deutsche Telekom offer both open (public) and closed (private) APNs?

  • An open (public) APN is currrently offered for testing purposes only. Within a productivity environment only private APNs are currently being offered. Private APNs do either support IP or Non-IP. In case of Non-IP your application data from the device is packed into UDP by the APN and then sent to the user’s backend system (address of backend system is configured on the APN).

  • We are on T-Mobile Netherlands using UDP. Can we use this open APN? If so, how?
    It would make downlinks much easier.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Robin,

    NB-IoT with an IP connection will be available in the summer. But, I will reach out to you next week to learn and find out together how we can make your downlinks easier in the current situation.

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