Changed from UDP to NON-IP

  • I first registered my sim-card in a UDP Starter Kit Project. Now I want to register it in a NoN-IP project. Do I only have to connect it to nonip’s PDP settings or do I have to do anything else? The sim cannot connect to the PDP. When I check if the PDP Context is active using AT+CGACT? it will return 0,0 but it need to be 0,1. Someone can help me?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Peter,

    You have to do two things:

    • send and e-mail to with your simcard number and ask them to change your simcard settings (by default it is not possible on the simcard to use the Non-IP APN)
    • use the APN or (not sure which one of the two it is exactly)

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