Application binding with Google Apps Script

  • Hello all,
    I would like to use Google Apps Script (GAS) as a backend for the callback url. My first attempt to bind to this application failed. I do receive the requests but the payload is missing. The problem seems that GAS does not supprt gzip and/or deflate (

    If that’s correct, I think that would mean I cannot use Google Apps Script.

    Has anybody else managed to get this to work or any tips how I could work around the problem?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • @marijn Problem is solved, my bad. The payload is available in e.postData.contents.

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    Hi Marijn,

    Great that you solved your problem yourself!

    However you made me curious, I have never seen an integration with an google apps script before!

    Would you be willing to share an skeleton example of an script and point us towards how you did the set-up?

    Thanks, Eric

  • @eric-barten said in Application binding with Google Apps Script:

    cript and point us towards how you did the set-up?
    Thanks, Eric

    Hello Eric,
    Sure I can share a skeleton example.

    But there is one problem I haven’t properly solved yet. Google Apps Script is unable to check the ip address of the client. So I cannot authenticate the request when T-Mobile forwards the message to the callback_url.

    I can raise the security level in the GAS application, but I am not sure how the request can authenticate then. Adding headers seems to me the way to do this, but I am not sure yet.

    I’ll look into this en post an example later.

    Best regards

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