Portal Does not forward messages

  • Hi, I have build a custom board with a SARA R410-02B on it, until yesterday it was working fine, but then the portal stopped forwarding the messages to my application server (Node red). When i click the save button in the portal i do see test message on my application server, and when i send something from the device i do see the data in the portal, it is just not forwarding to my server, can anyone help me out?

  • Hi, I changed out the board and the SIM card and now it sends data to my server again but I dont see any data in the portal(maybe that takes some time the first time?). but i am happy to see it working again.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Maybe an issue in our back-end. Can you pls add and remove a dummy IMEI in your project?


    This will maybe solve the problem (for now).

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Dirkie, did you add and remove a dummy IMEI in your project? Did it help? Please let us know so that we can help with further troubleshooting.
    Regards, Uta

  • Hi, i have indeed registred a dummy device, and i had some data come trough to my server, however at first i could not register my original IMEI anymore but that problem seems to have disapeared in the last few days. the problem i am still having is that whether the data makes it to my server depends on the first character, for example i can send “4” (0x31) but not “2” (0x32). they do arrive in the portal but are not forwarded to my server.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    The reason why you couldn’t register your device before was probably because it was locked.

    When a device sends an uplink message before being registered in a project, the network will lock the device. Now and then, we clear the folder with locked devices. 😃

    I do not have the answer on your latest issue. I will reach out to some colleagues!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @Dirkie123 I would like to investigate this topic a bit more. Could you send me some logs I can’t see which device / SIM card you are using in your tests. You can DM me or send details to hi@iot.t-mobile.nl?

  • Hi Afzal,
    Thank you, your answer explains a lot,
    as for my latest problem, i dont know what to think of it, at the moment i solved by sending a character that works first and remove it in my backend
    Regards Dirk Jan

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Cool, still happy to receive your logs (as Eric requested)

  • @afzal_m I have a similar issue. I see the latest message on the device list but it is not forwarded to my app.

    To be honest I don’t remember if my device was registered first. I am using SIMCOM SIM7080G it was a journey at the beginning ;).

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @CFH I think we need to do some troubleshooting on our side. Can you please send us the IMEI numbers via welovemail@iotcreators.com?