Portal Does not forward messages

  • Hi, I have build a custom board with a SARA R410-02B on it, until yesterday it was working fine, but then the portal stopped forwarding the messages to my application server (Node red). When i click the save button in the portal i do see test message on my application server, and when i send something from the device i do see the data in the portal, it is just not forwarding to my server, can anyone help me out?

  • Hi, I changed out the board and the SIM card and now it sends data to my server again but I dont see any data in the portal(maybe that takes some time the first time?). but i am happy to see it working again.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Maybe an issue in our back-end. Can you pls add and remove a dummy IMEI in your project?


    This will maybe solve the problem (for now).