NB IoT in Czech Rep.

  • In May 2020 we sign trial contract with DT, receiving 10 MFF SIM cards and one 4FF SIM card, to be able to start communication with Telekom Cloud of Things. Until today I was not able to connect
    with “public” 4FF SIM with APN internet.nbiot.telekom.de to establish user account and receive codes and network credentials for 10 MFF SIMs. Detailed coverage map for T-mobile CR NB IoT service is not available. Under my knowledges in area of Ostrava town NB IoT service is not available. My trials to arrange connection to DT cloud in Brno town (appr. 180 km from our town) - coverage with NB service by T-mobile is approved - were not succesfull. Another possibility is to travel appr. 15 km from us, where should be coverage by T-mobile PL.
    Could you give me step by step guide, how to connect to Cloud of Things in current condition, to be able to start trials with connection of our to DT cloud? Currently appr. 3.000 pcs of our units are working with NB Iot clouds of other network providers (our units are transmitting UDP packets to dedicate IP address and port Nr. Thank you in advance Petr

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Petr,

    if I understood you right I see the following challenges:

    1. find a location with NB IoT coverage.
    2. attach your device to the NB-IoT network of T-Mobile Czech.
    3. send messages via UDP to Cloud of Things
    4. decode the payload of your UDP message and integrate it with Cloud of Things

    Please let us get directly in contact, that we can speak about it (roland.baldin@t-systems.com).

    Regards, Roland