What APN to use in Poland (roaming)?

  • Hello guys,

    I ordered a StarterKit from IoTCreators but I cannot connect to the network. I suppose there is something wrong with my device setup (I use SIM7000E and SIM7020E).

    Could you share some configuration procedure I should follow?

    I suspect that one of the reasons is the incorrect APN. In getting started tutorial there is mentioned APN name for Netherlands and Germany but what about roaming connections from another countries?

    Thank you so much in advance for any support!


  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Adam,

    the APN is always: cdp.iot.t-mobile.nl - independent of your location.

    However, it is important to set the PLMN ID correctly according to your country. For Poland this is: 26002

    All configuration details can be found here: https://docs.iotcreators.com/docs/general-settings

    I hope that helped! Let us know whether this worked out or not!