Sending data with NB IoT from Netherlands to Turkey

  • Hi there, I am using NB IoT sim card of T-Mobile from I am using Quectel BC 95-G module for sending datas. I need to send the datas to a udp socket in Turkey from the Netherlands(where I live), however my sim card does not offer open internet i guess so I dont see any data on the udp socket in Turkey. What can I do to open the internet access of my simcard, shall i configure anyhting or order any other spesific sim card? Because after sending the data, the quectel module gives me OK and 1 which means that the data is sent successfully but due to the lac of open internet I dont see the datas I guess. I’d be glad if you help me, I hope I revealed my situation well.

    Kind regards.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @Mert-Karabagli with simcards from you can indeed only send your UDP traffic to our own Service Capability Server ( In the portal you can specify your callback URL to collect the device data via webhook/throught http posts.

    If you need a simcard with which you can send data directly to your own server, pls reach out to and theyt can give you access to the ‘easy connect’ platform.

    In the future we will also support this in the iotcreators portal but for now it is a separate solution.

  • @afzal_m Hello, thank you for your answer. So in the portal, if I specify the udp port number and the ip address of the server in Turkey, can I send the data or the only option is to get access to the “easy connect” platform? I am new in NB IoT so I am trying to figure out the mechanism. Because in turkey, when I was using a turkish nb iot sim card I could just send the datas to any udp socket in the world. Thats why I got curious.

  • @afzal_m Hello again, I handled the situation so I can send data to the beeceptor page of mine but for example I am sending hex string of 26, however it just shows that new post have been arrived, i want to use my beeceptor page like a dashboard which just shows the data that has arrived. Can this be possible? Or do I have to write a script code to show the data like a dashboard? Thanks.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @Mert-Karabagli Hi,

    IoT Creators is the bridge between the device/connectivity world and the application world. You can configure IoT Creators to forward the UDP payload of your device to any HTTP endpoint of your application (web-hook).

    Beeceptor is only an example for an HTTP application endpoint to explain how the data is forwared from IoT Creators. It doesn’t provide any application logic to store or to visualize your data.

    If you want store and visualize the data without develop your own application you need to integrate forward the data to an generic IoT platform such as Axonize, All Thinks Talk, Thingsboard, Cloud of Things, etc.

    We are currently documenting how those integrations look like. Unfortunatelly we don’t have it available now.

    Regards, Roland

  • @Mert-Karabagli One alternative to beeceptor is to host your own server, then you have a lot more freedom. For example, I setup a node-red server on a raspberry pi and that works great.

  • @Roalnd-Baldin thank you for your answer. I handled it. Now I have a dashboard.

  • @Stefan-de-Lange a friend of mine created a server in turkey so with the proxy setup in beeceptor I am forwarding that data to the server in turkey. Now I can see my datas on the dashboard. Thank you.

  • For the final reply, the datas that are being sent to beeceptor are forwarded to the HTTP endpoint in Turkey. I entered the url of the server In Turkey to the proxy settings on my beeceptor page. So now the problem is handled. Thank you everyone.

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