Application Server

  • I have attached a device to send data and can confirm the data is arriving at IotCreators platform.
    I tried out the application server functionality using the example with beeceptor and all works well.

    Now I want to forward the data to as a further test.
    Similar to these steps:

    I thought I could have just replaced the url to Beeceptor but I keep getting an error that the URL is invalid.
    I then tried to add this extra URL via the API and I got a positive response back from the server so I am assuming I now have two application servers configured?
    Is my understanding correct that I cannot view or change these application server settings via the portal nor the API?

    Since I have no data arriving at the destination I wanted to troubleshoot the configuration and verify that data is being sent but I don’t see any logging possibilities on the site.

    Am I missing something? How are others working with the platform?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    I think that you did everything right. Something has changed at All Things Talk’s end. We received more complaints about integrations with ATT.

    @Eric-Barten already contacted them, but I will give it another try next week.

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