Sim activation and 4G sim cards

  • Hello,

    Are the simcards from IoT creators activated out of the box?

    I’am struggeling to connect to the LTE-M network with a Pycom Fipy.

    Do regular 4G simcards connect to the LTE-M network?

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  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Yes, the SIM cards that we as IoT Creators send out are always activated when you get them delivered.
    And our SIM can connect to the 4G network using our publick APN:
    You can check our “roaming” page to read about operators and bands that you need for LTE-M at your location, please note that LTE-M is not necessarily available everywhere where you’ve got 4G coverage.
    If all this seems to be fine on your end and you still can’t connect please tell us the details where you got stuck. (AT commands and module logs)