No messages received at AllThingsTalk

  • Hello,
    I’ve followed this link to receive messaged at AllThingsTalk.
    I’ve entered as callback url in the iot portal and created an AllThingsTalk account and registered my device with the correct IMEI, but I’m receiving no messages. Just sending “Hello World”…
    The last message in the portal updates.
    Does someone have an solution for me?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Strange… I noticed that your data is being forwarded to ATT, so we have to find out why you are not receiving it there.

    I will try it myself in the next few days and keep you posted.

    Hopefully someone will also reply in the meantime. I know that there are lot of users out there who created a successful integration with ATT before.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi @Robin-Finkers ,
    I have been reviewing our documentation and noticed that this might not be clear; in the att asset did you register the device connectivity with the IMEI: prefix? This should be the case otherwise the device is not found.

  • @eric-barten I didn’t register the device in the att assets.

    I’ve received some messages in the debug tab, but it has a delay of a day??

    Now I have registered the device with the IMEI in the assets tab and I sent some test messages but I’m currently not receiving any.