New pricing structure

  • On the pricing page, for ‘scale’ it shows €210 + €0.20 per extra node over 300, but if you go to order it shows €255 + €0.85 for nodes over 300+

    Can you please confirm €210 + €0.20 is the new, correct pricing ?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi, both prices are actually correct. The one on the website is without VAT and the one on the order portal is with VAT. As we are in the process of expanding to other countries outside the Netherlands, we are still trying to figure out some stuff incl. showing the taxes correctly for each country. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thank you for your feedback. We will try to figure out a way to make this more clear!

  • Hi Florian,
    Thanks for the message. but i was more ‘worried’ about the €0.20 vs €0.85 , not the inital amount of the first 300 nodes.

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  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    You are absolutely right! Thanks for letting me know.

    I fixed it. Sorry, wished I could have said that this is the new pricing structure 😉

    Apologies if some things are not working or are incorrect in the moment. This can always happen when you are migrating, but we are doing this with the best intentions in our mind and hope that we can make your experience even better in the long run.

  • oh wow thats a bummer… (to put it lightly)

    We were so exited that you guys matched the price of T-Mobile Germany (€12 for 30MB in 60 months = €0.20 per month , and that even includes the simcard itself).

    And we already communicated those prices to some customers !

    I guess we’re back to using their sims instead then

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    So sorry that this affected you in this way. I’m really sorry!

    Mistakes like this should not - but can happen. Our whole team is truely dedicated to provide the best service to all our users! We are working hard on it to make it a truely magical experience for everyone.

    As I have said we are in a process of migration and restructuring. This includes considering a new pricing model as well. We are hearing our customers and strive hard to make things happen. However, we are not a connectivity provider offering pure LPWA connectivity. There are several elements our solution offers that is not part of traditional connectivity-only solutions. Therefore, we will probably never be able to cut those prices.

    We are happy that you are part of the IoT Creators community and we hope we can continue to be a reliable partner at your side!

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