Nodes stopped sending data

  • We have many (some 200) Sodaq-Sara nodes. Some of them suddenly stopped sending data in the last week or so. Strange is that I see that sometimes Time Of Last Message is less recent than Time of First Message. But that is not the case with all problematic nodes.

    Here three nodes from which we don’t see data anymore. But we have more ‘problem-nodes’.

    356726101037083 901405700014959 18 jul. 2020 13:10 17 jul. 2020 17:42
    356726101006534 901405700014954 20 jul. 2020 05:19 19 jul. 2020 20:15
    356726101006450 901405700015983 9 jul. 2020 03:31 10 jul. 2020 05:01

    Is something going wrong?


  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hi Derko,

    That is very inconvenient 😞

    We just changed something, can you please let us know how it works now?

  • Hi Afzal,

    I just checked these three nodes but none of them sent anything. I.e. I don’t see anything coming on our application server. They should send every 12 minutes.

  • @Derko-Drukker Does the data you expect look like “#,PLANT1,200716034305,0000.0,-00000,0000.0,0000.0,000000,-00010,;#,PLANT1,200716034907,0000.0,-00000,0000.0,0000.0,000000,-00010,” by chance? We get/got that every 12 minutes and its not our data.

  • @rhalflex : Hi, no that is definitely not the data I expect.

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