Quectel BG96, Error while trying to ping the UDP Server

  • Hi,

    i’m trying to ping the UDP Server with my Quectel BG96.
    But I get this error:

    +QPING: 569

    When I increase the timeout period, I also get an error:


    Does anyone know what to do now?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @Rasyid Do you have a valid network connection ?

    For Quectel BG96 you can verify the network connection with the following AT commands

    AT+CGPADDR                    //check IP address
    AT+CGATT?                     //check if attached to network
    AT+COPS?                      //check current set MNO
    AT+COPS=?                     //scan network for mobile operators
    AT+CGDCONT?                   //check APN
    AT+QPING=1,""   //ping UDP server

    Regards, Roland