Infos about downlink API and binary data

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Currently the API supports the following for functions/URLs to send downlink messages to the device

    • downlinkMsg/0/data
      Sends regular queued downlink messages to device when uplink is received.

    • downlinkMsgBase64/0/data
      Sends queued binary data blob message to device when an uplink is received. The function expects base64 encoded payload from the applaction as input into this function. Before the message is sent to the device it is decoded back to binary and sent to the device.

    • downlinkMsgDrx/0/data
      Same like downlinkMsg/0/data but without queuing.

    • downlinkMsgBase64Drx/0/data
      Same like downlinkMsgBase64/0/data but without queuing.

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