I lost 3 IMEI devices during the migration

  • I do not know if it is a coincidence, but all three of my devices I registered yesterday (Migration day) are not in my devices list anymore.
    They are able to connect to the network and send data (!!!) (both actions visible and OK in debugger), but I am unable to see it anywhere, not even through the API. Last time seen in mySQL database where I log my data is around 15:00 on the 11th…

    When I try to re-register them on the account I get: “Something went wrong while registering your devices. Please try it again.”

    Can someone explain to me where my three devices are registered now 🙂 ?

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    @MeneerJacco thanks for making us aware. This is because of the rollback. You probably registered the device on the new version of our service capability server.

    Can you pls send me the IMEI numbers via PM or via hello@iotcreators.com?

    We’ll fix it right away!

  • @afzal_m Yes of course, I’ve sent them via PM. Thanks for the quick response!

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