Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.50 - Released 09.05.2023

New Features

[IC-5417] Sign up & log-in with Google account [IC-5544] Moving devices from one project to another [IC-5662] Enable message history for virtual devices and LoRaWAN

Improvements & Bug fixes

[IC-5663] Info that header/callback url change can take up to 15 mins. [IC-5370] Visual differentiation between “normal” and “invited” projects [IC-5545] Remove remark from public internet projects about message forwarding [IC-5456] Simplify email preference in profile settings [IC-5548, IC-5674] Improved 2FA authentification + error handling while setup [IC-5672, IC-5558, IC-5559] Bugfixes for admin functionalities (searching, SIM card assigning, etc.) [IC-5555, IC-5556] Improved SIM management functionality for TMA SIMs