Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.19 - Released 26.8.2021
* [IC-5267] - Log-Out Loop
* [IC-5273] - Remove process labels (when registering/during login)
* [IC-5277] - Fixing the Project Overview Menu Item
* [IC-5276] - Fixing the address forms in the ordering process

New Features
* [IC-5137] - MQTT: As a user I want to register MQTT devices
* [IC-5258] - MQTT: Popup window for editing MQTT settings
* [IC-5227] - Orders: Integrate nuSIM hardware starterkit in ordering process
* [IC-5268] - NodeBB: Users should be able to edit or delete their own forum posts

* [IC-5272] - Portal: Replace SIMCARD navigation item in sidebar
* [IC-5269] - Portal: Show device id in the text of 2 popup dialog windows
* [IC-5199] - Portal: Add download button to Device-Upload-Error screen (modal)
* [IC-5152] - Portal: Show number of registered users and registered devices on FE
* [IC-5253] - Portal: Banner on project page for notifications
* [IC-5254] - Invoice: Translate Invoicing Template for Hardware Orders to English