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    I know you worked your butts off to get this platform to where it should be: In the hands of committed, community-focussed, knowledgable peeps.
    I’m looking forward to (getting back to) being able to share ideas, report and curse about hiccups, celebrate victories and tackle backlash!
    And I wonder what you got up your sleeve for us!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    It’s not like we really have a choice 😉 (just kidding, of course!)

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    Thanks for your nice words! We do appreciate this kind of feedback and are happy that our effort and dedication is shown 🙂 We are all super excited to be part of this community and help you making your ideas come to live!

    I will pass this feedback back to the rest of the team. The last few days were really stressful and I’m sure that everybody will be happy to hear your kind words!

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Always happy to help! Thanks for your feedback😃

  • Thank you mr @magnatron! Indeed very much looking forward to what is ahead 😎
    Lets connect soon, it will be awesome to get an update on your endeavours with, the site looks sweet!

    • is always happy with feedback and suggestions in this thread. You can also reach out to the members of the Deutsche Telekom IOT forum group directly. The team will help you to find / create the right channels to solve issues asap.

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